Brutefun black orc team

                                       “Smarter than your average Orc.”

Brutefun is a relatively new creator in the world of STL miniatures. Brutefun (Jon ) started sculpting digitally in Sept 2021 and i think Jon has a very bright future in the world of 3d sculpting. Brutefun predominantly creates miniatures for the use in fantasy football games but there’s nothing stopping you using them in any other type of game.

The Black Orc team was the first stl files created by Brutefun and I must say they are amazing.

The team consists of 6 Black Orcs, 9 Goblins and a troll but with mirroring you have a total of 32 miniatures. 

These are some of the best 3d sculpts ive seen which s amazing considering Jon has only been designing 3d sculpts since late 2021.

I have to give top marks to the troll, which is one of the best troll miniatures ive ever seen.

The Stl files printed out perfectly using standard settings and standard grey resin on an Elegoo mars 2.

I decided to print the Goblins and Troll at 100% but i dropped the Black Orcs down to 90% as they were the size of the Blood Bowl plastic ogre when printed at 100%. 

All the Black Orcs and Goblins fit nicely on 32mm bases but I’ve decided to put any big guys on 40mm bases. 

At only $27. over on my mini factory this Black Orc Team is cheaper than the GW plastic kit ( yes I know you have to print it yourself, which is a cost on top of the STL price) but the benefits of a 3d printed team is you can print as many as you want. You also have the freedom to change the scale of the miniatures. I have nothing bad to say about this team, I’ve been trying to find a negative but I cant. The only slight thing I can think of is I wish the team came with a coin or counter to print for in game use.

3D Printable Fantasy Football Black Orc team – PRE-SUPPORTED by BruteFun Minatures (