Age of sigmar : mortek guard

The Mortek Guard are soul-constructs created to dominate the battlefield. Armed with life-draining nadirite weapons and shaped from impenetrable osseous armour, they grind the enemy to dust beneath their relentless march.

The Mortek Guard can be armed with a choice of nadirite blade or nadirite spear, deadly weapons that can steal an opponent’s life force. The kit also includes an option to include a Necrophoros banner bearer to lead the charge and a Mortrek Hekatos to coordinate their shield wall, protecting the unit from incoming attacks.

This 146-part plastic kit makes 20 Mortek Guard and comes supplied with 20x 25mm Citadel round bases.

The miniatures go together easier enough and don’t feel as fragile as some other infantry models in the Age of Sigmar Death range.

The box set retails for £35 for 20 miniatures which isn’t to bad in the world of GW prices.

Summery: A good value kit for GW prices but could be a little expensive for new gamers.