Mega gargant

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.

The titanic Sons of Behemat have might enough to throttle dragons, barge down castle walls and tear elder oaks from the ground. When they attack as a tribe they become unstoppable, stamping the enemy’s infantry flat and pummelling rival monsters to death. Any who oppose their rule are battered with hurled boulders before the gargants charge in, each towering hulk roaring in savage triumph as he seizes victory through brute force and ignorance.

The Mega Gargant kit is the usual high quality, well laid out kit that we have come to expect from games Workshop and comes with a shed load of extra bits and pieces to customise your Mega Gargant.

Each of the three Gargants start with the same torso and legs from which you can then build up the parts to create your desired type of Mega Gargant.

Each of the Mega Gargant variants has its own feel and flavour with unique parts that allow you to tell a story with the miniature.

The Warstomper is your traditional fantasy giant- just biggified  with shields, skins, furs and armed with a trusty old tree trunk. The gate keeper looks like a classic medieval executioner and the Kraken Eater leans towards the drunken pirate vibe.

This is a massive kit that comes in 129 pieces and is supplied with a 130mm round base.




This is a nice kit but a little expensive for what you get. I was a little underwelmed by the size of the miniature for £120, when other companies making giants at a similar size cost around £40. 

Is it a nice kit? Yes. Would I buy another one? No.