a song of ice and fire : lannister crossbows

When it comes to training soldiers, Crossbowmen require a lot less work than average. The real cost comes in the production of the crossbow, itself. Technological advances aren’t cheap, and keeping weapons in working order during war is no easy task. Still, a family with resources like the Lannisters can afford to keep this ranged killing machine armed and ready for battle.

The A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Lannister Crossbowmen unit box contains 12 miniatures, in four different sculpts, one unit card and one movement tray. The box contains everything you need to use the Lannister crossbows on the table top.

These are some of the first sculpts created for the game, so some of the detail is a little soft compared to later sculpts but the detail is still good and they will paint up nicely.

This box set retails for £28 which is a very good price for a box that contains everything you need to use this unit in your games.