a song of ice and fire : Clegane brigands

While most cavalry are savage enough, Gregor Clegane’s band of mounted brigands take brutality beyond all norms. Its not enough for them to simply shred enemy ranks from the flanks or rear. For the type of men drawn to Clegane’s ranks, a weapon that leaves the enemy crippled and shattered is as good as one that kills swiftly and efficiently. Yet, for all t6he fearsome reputation, brigands have little thirst for fair fights.

The Clegane Brigands expansion comes with a unit card, cavalry tray and 4 cavalry miniatures. 

Each miniature is a highly detailed individual sculpted. 


The House Clegane Brigands come in at a resonable 7 points.

This is a true shock unit. With 7/5 attacks hitting on a 3+.

The vicious special rule ” minus 2 to enemy panic morale tests” together with their brutal armaments rule ” defenders suffer +1 wound for each rank destroyed, from failing panic tests” can be devastating.

At £27 this unit is a bargain. With the unit tray and card you are ready to go.