resurrecting dead games

Over the years many table top games have fallen from grace into the realms of obscurity, never to be seen by many a young gamer but sometimes these games cling onto life in the hearts of older gamers. These gamers develop their own communities based around these games. Over time new rules are added as well as new armies to try and fill gaps within the ranges, all of which are fan made.

Its the fans of the original release that keep these games going, creating new additions just to continue playing the games they love. Some of these editions you can read and see how much time and thought went into them, hours of playtesting and re writing, while others you read and see favouritism and unbalance. Groups of like minded hobbyists will split over opinions on what direction the game should go creating multiple offshoot groups and additions of the same game. 

This is where the problems begin for gamers that wish to start playing one of these dead games. Do you play the original version? The fan revision? or do you play the new super duper complete fan re write?

All of these editions have their plusses and negatives. Once you’ve looked at them l and decided which edition you want to play, you then have the struggle of finding other gamers that play that edition.

If you wish to play epic, the 6mm miniatures game what edition would you play? Space marine, Epic 4ok, Epic Armageddon or Net Epic Gold? 

If you want to play Warmaster, the 10mm fantasy mass battles game, which edition do you pick? Warmaster? Warmaster Ancients? Warmaster Revolution? Warmaster Revolution 2.0? 


There are so many different editions of these games that it can be hard to decide which one to play.

The best thing you can do if you want to start playing one of these dead games is to sit down with your regular gaming group and discuss the games you enjoy and what you want to get out of playing these games. This will help your group decide what is the best edition for all.

If you wish to play in tournaments then that is a whole other kettle of fish. You will have to search through internet groups and websites to see what is the nearest tournament scene to where you live and what sort of radius you are will to travel for a tournament. Once you find a tournament scene near you, you will have to bite the bullet and play whatever edition these tournaments are based around.

Other things you have to consider when entering into a dead game is the cost of the miniatures. Looking for original miniatures can be a very costly affair, with your only options being eBay and seller groups, these often come at a massive mark up.

Thankfully some smaller companies have found their place creating miniatures and STL files for games such as Warmaster, Epic, Battle Fleet Gothic and Old Hammer.

So…. after all that, what would you do? Would you try and find an edition that suits you and your gaming group? Or just give up and play the usual Games Workshop offerings?