prejudice in wargaming.

In the grim dark future there is only prejudice!

This is a quick discussion about 40k players having prejudice against armies within the 40k universe and why they don’t like to play them.

Excluding players because of their army choice is just bad practice, the players don’t write the rules Games Workshop do. 

Its not the Eldar players ft that Games workshop diced in the latest edition of the game to make them super powerful, This is especially unfair on the players that have played Eldar for over 20 years, back when Eldar were the whipping boys of 40k.

Think how you would feel if suddenly other players refused to play you because Games Workshop released new rules making your army the top dog.

Games Workshop has an issue with power creep “this sells miniatures after all” so expect each new release army to get their moment in the spotlight.

To be fare on all, just play the game. yo could discuss before hand with your opponent on any limitations or restrictions you could place on the game. Discuss how friendly you want the game to be and remember 40k is just a game and games are sup[posed to be fun for all. 

So stop being prejudice and include all players and armies.