Do you love mass rank and flank fantasy battles but just don’t have the space for a massive gaming table? Or you don’t have the will to paint hundreds of 28mm miniatures? Well, your solution is Minihammer!

What is Minihammer?
Minihammer is your favourite settings shrunk down to 10mm scale.

Systems and lore.                                                                                                                                                                                                            We all love the classic Warhammer fantasy battles games and the lore that comes with them but Warhammer is impractical at 10mm scale because of the casualty removal rules. The perfect answer to this is Kings of War. In Kings of war you don’t remove any
casualties until the entire unit has been destroyed, perfect for a smaller scale game. I get it, some people will be like “I want to play Warhammer because of the lore and armies” this is understandable but the game rules don’t translate over to a different scale
with ease but what does, is the lore. You can still call a berserker a Dwarf Slayer or a Stikka a Goblin spearman. You can use whatever lore you want for your army. The only universal bind is the Kings of war ruleset, which can easily be implemented for any rank and flank style or period of war.

Scale translation.
To play Kings of war at 10mm you just shrink the measurements, “just half everything”. 6 inches becomes 3, 9 becomes 4.5 etc. You can implement these measurements with a tape, a ruler or measuring sticks. This is also great for space as your 6 by 4 foot gaming table shrinks to 3 by 2 foot.

Base sizes.
In this section we take a look at the base size/ foot print when shrunk down for 10mm gaming. You can add as many miniatures to the base as you wish as it’s the foot print of the unit which is important. The unit type can be found in the Kings of war rulebook under each unit entry. For example a human “Empire state troop” is infantry. A Salamander Unblooded “Saurus
Warrior” is heavy infantry. Ogres, trolls etc. are large infantry.

The first number in mm is the front facing; the second number in mm is the flank

Characters, Monsters and War machines have a little bit more flexibility when it comes to base foot print. The footprint for standard represents the unit type on the field for example a hero on foot. The display measurements still represent that hero on foot but it also allows you to create little dioramas for you characters, war machines etc. It doesn’t affect game play, it just creates hobby options.