broadside 2023

Its Broadside day again and this year its a scorcher, by 9.30 the temp was nearing 27.

This is the first time i had attended Broadside at its new venue based in the Medway Park Sports Centre in Gillingham Kent.

Its a nice venue but parking is a definite issue especially when other events are going on at the same time.




There were some amazing display boards and participation games at this years Broadside. My favorite being the Star Wars shatter point games enlarged to 54mm scale run by Medway Wargamers.

I had a great hat with the guys from 79th Cameron Highlanders, who informed me of everything from treating STI’s to what specific tools should be used for each limb amputation. 

Another stand that caught my eye was Sythopian Wars, a very new sci fi skirmish game taking its first few steps into the competitive skirmish games market.