Age of Sigmar: Swampcalla shaman and Pot-Grot.

The Miniatures were given a spray prime using Games Workshop Deathguard green.

All of the cloth and rope detail were painted with Games Workshop Contrast Wyldwood.

All armour plates, weapons, staff tops and pots were painted with Games Workshop Leadbelcher.

The stitching was picked out with Games Workshop Screaming Skull as well as the large skull on the Swampcalla’s back.

The entire miniature was washed with Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade.

Once the wash was fully dry the Flesh was highlighted with Games Workshop Orruk Flesh.

The clothing and ropes were given a light drybrush using Games Workshop Steel Legion Drab.

The teeth, bottles and spell details were then painted with Games Workshop Wraithbone. The large skull on the back was highlighted with a 50/50 mix of Screaming Skull and Wraithbone.

The tassels were picked out with Games Workshop Contrast Terradon Turquoise. 

The spell effects and bottles were painted with Games Workshop Contrast Aethermatic Blue.

The base was painted with a mix of Martian Ironcrust and Martian Ironearth texture paints.

The base was given a light drybrush of Games Workshop Ryza Rust.

To finish off the miniature the base rim was painted with Abaddon Black.