Age of Sigmar: Lord Imperatant with Gryph-hound

Welcome to an Age of Sigmar Anvils of Heldenhammer painting tutorial.

The Lord Imperatant miniature was given a prime of Games Workshops Mechanicum standard grey.

Once that was dry I used Games Workshops Grey Seer at a 45 degree angle to dust the miniature.

The armour was painted using Games Workshop Contrast Black Templar.

All of the chainmail and weapons were painted with Games Workshop Leadbelcher.

The armour trim and weapon details were painted with Games Workshops Retributor Armor.

All of the cloth and cloaks were painted with Games Workshop Mephiston Red.

The belts and weapon shafts were painted with Games Workshop Steel Legion Drab.

Any ropes and scrolls were painted with Games Workshop Screaming Skull. As well as the helmet and some feather tips.

Once all the base layers were dry the miniature was given an all over wash of Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade.

The armour, weapons and cloth were highlighted with all of the original colours.

The ropes, scrolls, feathers and helmet was highlighted with a 50/50 mix of Games Workshop White Scar and Screaming Skull.

The cloth was highlighted with Games Workshop Wild Rider Red.

The base was painted with Games Workshop Texture paint Martian Ironearth and Martian Ironcrust.

Once the base was dry it was given a light drybrush of Games Workshop Ryza Rust.

To finish off the base rim was painted with Games Workshop Abaddon Black.


The Gryph Hound was painted with the same colours as the Lord Imeratant, with the body painted black and the armour gold.