Painting Kill Team Octarius Terrain

I wanted the terrain to have a dirty rusted feel so I primed it in a rusty red colour. The primer was purchased at halfords.

Once the primer was fully dry the terrain was dusted with Games Workshop Lead Belcher spray.

Any wooden details were painted with Games Workshops Mournfang Brown.

he entire terrain piece was given a wash using watered down brown and black craft paints. 

Mix the paint then slowly add water until you have a wash consistency. 

Once the dirty wash was dry I watered down Army Painter Lava Orange into a was and painted in on every nut and bolt as well as all the corners on the terrain.

Any fuel tanks or oil drums were painted with Games Workshop Contrast Ork Flesh.

Random details were picked out using Games Workshop Contrast Gorgrunta Flesh and Black Templar. 

Other armour plates were painted with a stippling technique using Games Workshop Mephiston Red. 

Once that was dry the red was stippled over with Games Workshop Wild Rider Red.

Any Ork glyphs were picked out with Games Workshop White Scar.,

and that’s it, how easy was that. This pain scheme was used for all of the terrain from the new Kill Team box.