Painting Veteran Guard Kill Team

In this tutorial we are going to paint one of the new Guard Veterans “Krieg” from the new KIll Team box.

The Miniatures were given a spray prime using Games Workshop Deathguard green.

The great coat was painted with Games Workshop Death Korps Drab.

All of the cloth wraps on the boots, back packs and belt details were painted with Games Workshop Contrast Wyldwood.

The boots, gun casings, gloves and gas masks were painted with Games Workshop Contrast Black Templar.

The bed roll was picked out with Games Workshop Screaming Skull.

The helmet, armour plates and weapon details were painted with Games Workshop Leadbelcher.

The trousers were then painted with Games Workshop Steel Legion Drab.

The entire miniature was washed with Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade.

Once the wash was dry, highlight the miniature using the original colours.

All of the brown details were given a highlight of Games Workshop Mournfang Brown.

All eye lenses and screens were painted with Games Workshop Lothern Blue.

The great coat was given a final edge highlight using Games Workshop Death Guard Green.

The coils on the plasma gun was painted with Games Workshop White Scar.

Using Games Workshop Tesseract Glow, paint the plasma gun coils. Then paint a light layer over the nearest details to the coil such as the arm, gas mask and chest to simulate a glow effect.

The bases were given a layer of Games workshop texture paint Armageddon Dunes.

The base was then given a wash of Games Workshop Seraphin Sepia.

Once the wash was dry it was given a light drybrush using Games Workshop Screaming Skull.

To complete the miniatures the base rims were painted with Games Workshop Abaddon Black.

That’s it, a very easy paint scheme to get your Veteran Guard Kill team on the table.

Burning beard

Chief Editor / Author / Commission painter