A Song of Ice and Fire: House Lannister movement trays.

Movement tray are very important in the game of A Song of Ice and Fire so should be treated as another miniature. To get the most out of your movement trays you should paint and texture them to match your units.

The movement tray was primed with a cheap black car primer. 

Car primers are great for covering larger miniatures as they are cheap and have great coverage.

Once the primer was completely dry the top surface of the movement tray was painted with Games Workshops Mournfang Brown. You can use any brown that you have.

Natural meterials were used as scatter over the bases and were glued on using super glue.

Sticks and stones can be found when your out having a stroll and make great free basing materials. 


The next step was to carfully paint pva over the top surface of the movement tray.

The entire base was then covered with my home made basing texture. This is a mix of different grade sands, some slate chips, various green foam flocks and small amount of coloured sawdust. 

Making your own mixes of basing material allows you to get the exact look you are going for.

Once the first layer of basing was completely dry I painted on patches of pva then sprinkled on some static grass. This gives a variety of textures across the base.

The movement tray was finished off with some colourful foliage clumps to break up the green.






All of the movement trays in the House Lannister army were finished in the same way as the tray used in this tutorial.