A Song of Ice and Fire: House Clegane Brigands.

The miniature was primed with a cheap white spray, give it 2 coats if necessary to cover every part of the miniature.

The clothes were given a coat of Games Workshops Contrast Iyanden Yellow.

The armour, belt buckles and weapons were painted with Army Painter Plate Mail Metal.

The horse was given a coat of Games Workshops Contrast Black Templar.

The belts and pouches were given a coat of Games Workshops Contrast Wyldwood.

The skin was painted using Games Workshops Cadian Fleshtone.

The skin was then highlighted using Games Workshops Kislev Flesh.

The bed roll and under armour were painted with Coat D Arms Khaki. 

The Yellow clothes were highlighted using Games Workshops Dorn Yellow.

The grass was painted using Games Workshops Moot Green.

A 50/50 mis of Winsor and Newton black and burnt umber oil paints were mixed with white spirit to create a mixture with the consistency of milk. 

This mix was then painted over the entire miniature.


After about 10 minutes the spirit had evaporated, leaving a dark oil coat over the miniature. 

Using a cotton bud i removed  areas of oil paint to reveal the layers below. 

This creates a deep shadow and darkens some of he original colours while also giving the illusion of multiple highlights.

 I painted the base with PVA and dipped it into my home made basing mix.


Once all the flock was fully dry i added patches of snow using Games Workshops Texture Valhallen Blizzard.

To finish off the miniature i painted the base rim with Games Workshop Abaddon Black.