A Song of Ice and Fire: House Clegane Brigands.

The miniature was primed with a cheap white spray, give it 2 coats if necessary to cover every part of the miniature.

The clothes were given a coat of Games Workshops Contrast Iyanden Yellow.

The armour, belt buckles and weapons were painted with Army Painter Plate Mail Metal.

The horse was given a coat of Games Workshops Contrast Black Templar.

The belts and pouches were given a coat of Games Workshops Contrast Wyldwood.

The skin was painted using Games Workshops Cadian Fleshtone.

The bed roll and under armour were painted with Coat D Arms Khaki. 

The Yellow clothes were highlighted using Games Workshops Dorn Yellow.

The grass was painted using Games Workshops Moot Green.

A 50/50 mis of Winsor and Newton black and burnt umber oil paints were mixed with white spirit to create a mixture with the consistency of milk. 

This mix was then painted over the entire miniature.


After about 10 minutes the spirit had evaporated, leaving a dark oil coat over the miniature. 

Using a cotton bud i removed  areas of oil paint to reveal the layers below. 

This creates a deep shadow and darkens some of he original colours while also giving the illusion of multiple highlights.

 I painted the base with PVA and dipped it into my home made basing mix.


Once all the flock was fully dry i added patches of snow using Games Workshops Texture Valhallen Blizzard.

To finish off the miniature i painted the base rim with Games Workshop Abaddon Black.

Burning beard

Chief Editor / Author / Commission painter