Age of Sigmar: Hobgrot Slittaz

The Hobgrot was given a spray prime using Games Workshops Zandri Dust spray.

All of the clothing and rope details were painted using Games Workshops contrast Wyldwood.

All of the metal plates and weapons were then given a coat of Games Workshops Leadvelcher.

Once the base layers were dry the whole miniature was given a wash using Games Workshops Agrax Earthshade.

Once the wash was fully dry the Hobgrotz skin was painted using Games Workshops Hobgrot Hide. 


Highlight all the metallic areas using Games Workshops Leadbelcher.

All of the clothing and ropes were given a light overbrush of Games Workshops Steel Legion Drab.

Carefully the teeth and claws were painted with Games Workshops Screaming skull.

The bases were t covered with Games Workshop texture Martian Ironcrust and Martian Ironearth.

The base rim was painted with Games Workshops Abaddon black.

To finish of the Hobgrot the base texture was given a light drybrush using Games Workshops Ryza rust.

The Hobgrot boss has a poison blade which gives us the opportunity to add a nice bright colour.

The poison was painted with Games Workshops White Scar.

Once the white was dry it was given a coat of Games Workshops Tesseract Glow.


And there we have it, a nice and simple paint scheme to get your Hobgrotz on the table.