magnetizing a mega gargant

In this quick tutorial I’m going to show you how to get the most out of your Mega Gargant, as these miniatures cost a fair few pennies!

I started by following the instructions in the ‘how to build’ leaflet for each part of the Gargant. Keeping the hands and heads separate.

I didn’t feel the need to magnetize the feet or the belly armour as these would be painted to match all 3 Gargant options. I mixed and matched the belly armour gluing on different pieces from each Gargant build. 

Picking 1 pair of feet and gluing them on the body also increased stability.

I used green stuff to fill in the cavity in each arm, then glued in a 5x1mm magnet.

I glued a 5x1mm magnet to a long piece of sprue, once it was fully dry I cut the sprue into a length about 1cm longer than the gap in the shoulders.

I then dotted super glue onto each end then angled it into the cavity and held it in place until it was dry. 

Once it was dry I used some plastic glue around the join to create a solid bond.

Each of the hands were packed out with green stuff , then a 5x1mm magnet was glued into the green stuff and left to dry for 24 hours.

As some of the weapons were top heavy and span when attached to the arms, I drilled small holes into the joins and glued in lengths of wire for support.

Using a spare piece of sprue I created a surface to attach a magnet.

First I glued the magnet to the piece of plastic sprue, then using plastic glue I glued the sprue into the cavity of the neck.

I used plastic glue to do this as it would allow the sprue to move into the correct place when the head was put onto the shoulders.

I then left it an hour for the plastic glue to set before taking off the head.

I drilled a small hole in the top of the head and inserted a 1x1mm magnet. This magnet allows me to add the top knot hair or a pirate hat that I’m sculpting at a later date.

There we have it, one fully magnetized Age of Sigmar Mega Gargant. You can now field a different Gargant each battle.

Gallery of the finished magnetized Mega Gargant.