easy, a song of ice and fire ncu bases

Today we are going to create some easy bases for your NCU characters for A Song of Ice and Fire.

I wanted to put the Lannister NCU characters onto stone bases to represent Kings Landing as it made more sense to me than basing them on grass.

Start by carefully removing the miniature from the base.

In my base box i found a load of spare Harry Potter miniature bases. I thought these would be a perfect replacement and almost a cheat to base my Lannister NCU.

Roll out a little green stuff, making sure it mixes correctly.

Push the green stuff into the base tab and smooth out with a wet finger. 

Then use any sharp implement, a tooth pick or sculpting tool, to scrape lines into the green stuff. 

Try to line up the scrapes with the existing stones on the base.

Once the green stuff is fully dry you can glue the miniatures to the base. 

How easy was that. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have any spare Harry Potter bases. I will show you how to sculpt flag stone bases from scratch soon.