Lady Olynder, The Mortarch Of Grief

Good Grief! (See what I did there!?)

So, the reason behind me getting this mini is to convert it into a Tzeentch Daemon Princess. However, if you’re a Nighthaunt fan then what’s not to love about a giant spooky lady ghost? She has a cute walking stick and ladies in waiting to carry her jewellery box/handbag, and a lovely big egg timer to aid her in cooking! What more could she need? Rules wise she is… Okay. Her stick is a nasty weapon, she could put someone’s eye out with that! With only three swings though, you probably don’t want to Leeroy her forward into the enemy lines! Defensively, she has a nice un-rendable 4+ save and the ability to heal herself with either the egg timer or by exposing herself to the enemy! I have no idea what’s she’s showing people that causes mortal wounds, but it must be unpleasant! Next, she has a shooting attack, which is very rare for an Undead, and it causes mortal wounds to boot! The yummyness continues with her being a cast and unbind two spell slinger. Her bespoke spell is a lovely buff and debuff affair that will aid you in your efforts to recruit more dudes into the vitality challenged camp! As a final Cherry (possibly plastic or past it’s sell-by date) on top she can, for the princely sum of 1 CP do a karaoke of Cage the Elephant and get back dudes who’d been sent home by the enemy.

Common or Garden Grief!

Okay so, for the low brow amongst you this is the bad bit! The mini is a bit thin and spindly and those who, like me, don’t have the

daintiest digits, you can have problems constructing this kit. Even when finished I suspect that you’ll have spent a frustrating couple of hours copiously cursing! Especially if you’re me as I have a profane vocabulary that would make a Docker blush! Rules wise she has a 6-inch move and 7 wounds! So very fragile, despite her defensive buffs I have previously enunciated!

On that note, I think that I’ve waffled on long enough. See you later, goodbye, Ciao, Auf wiedersehen etc.