Part 8: Legion Champion.

The first character I’ve decided to add to my Ultramarines force is a Centurion legion Champion. I will ad the back ground of this character in a later blog entry. Today we are just putting some paint on the miniature. 

I decided to go with an old 40k model from the marnius calgar command set. I added an ultramarines symbol on the back pack and an axe from forgeworld.

The miniature was primed using Games Worksops leadbelcher.

Once the primer was dry a layer of Games Workshops contrast paint talassar blue was painted over the armour plates.

The trims on the shoulder pad, the icon on the back pack and any other metallic details were painted with Vallejo bronze.

The cloth as painted with contrast black templar and the belts were painted with contrast wyldwood.

Any scrolls and skulls were painted with Games Workshops screaming skull.

The Ultramarine symbol and weapon blades were then painted with Games Workshops white scar.

The wax purity seals and the eyes were painted with Games workshops mephiston red.

All areas painted with bronze, red, cream and white were washed with Games Workshops agrax earthshade.

While the wash was drying I painted the base with Coat D Arms red brown.  

All red areas were highlighted with Games Workshops evil sunz scalet.

All of the bronze was highlighted with the original colour.

Highlight all f the areas painted screaming skull with the original colour. 

Highlight all areas painted white with the original colour. Also paint a small dot of white on the eye lenses. 

Give the weapons another layer of white then using Games Workshops contrast aethermatic blue paint a thin layer of the blue over 80% of the blade from the tip downwards. once dry repeat but only down to 70%. Repeat this prosses reducing the area you paint each step. this will create a subtle gradient running down the blade.

The base was dipped in the Geek Gaming Base Ready Mars as with the rest of the army. 

Once the basing was dry it was given a light drybrush using Games Workshops dry ryza rust.

To finish the miniature the rim was painted using Games Workshops abaddon black.

Coming soon……….Part 9: Fulmentarus terminators.

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