Part 6: “I Feel The Need… The Need For Speed!”

I really need some speed and a hard hitting punch for my Ultramarines, I want to stay away from tanks and go for unit entries that can deep strike when necessary. so lets have a look at the Sky Slayers jetbikes.

Sky Slayer Jetbikes.

Designed as a highly manoeuvrable fire support unit for Space Marine Legion reconnaissance and rapid strike formations, the Sky Slayer support squadron comprises of heavily armed variations of the Sky Scimitar Jetbike under the command of experienced pilots.

The concentration of fire power- most often either in the form of multi meltas for tank hunting, or plasma cannons to deal with heavily armoured infantry. Contained within a Sky Slayer squadron is extremely formidable, particularly when used in co ordinated high speed flanking attacks. 

I’m going for a highly manoeuvrable and fast ultramarines force, so Sky Slayers seem to be a good option for me. For only 165 points for 3 jetbikes with multi meltas they seem to be a must have and will give me that much needed punch for dealing with armour.

Plus they look so cool.

Coming soon……….Part 7: Painting a Sky Slayer Jetbike.