Part 12: A step in a new direction


With the release of the Horus Heresy version 2 rule set came many changes to the game, not only the rules but also the force organization charts, units and rights of war.

The force that i had planned for 1st edition is no longer possible to make in 2nd, this is a bit of a bummer and pretty much brought the project to a stand still for a while. I took some time away and painted up an extra couple of thousand points for my Deathguard and played many games to get to grips with the new rules.

Now im ready to delve back into the Ultramarines but with a change in theme and direction. There are many rights of war to pick from and my original idea was to have a very fast tactical strike force. I still don’t want to put tanks in this army as I’ve already painted enough for my Deathguard. So I’ve decided to go all infantry with as many boarding shields as possible. This will be a force designed for zone mortalis boarding actions.

I want the force to look great moving through claustrophobic city ruins, the decks of ships as well as the tight corridors of underground bases.

 Ive worked out a 1000 point list to start with and will finish this before moving on to 2000 points.

Coming soon……Part 13: moving forward