mechanicus knight moirax

The Moirax is a variant of the Armiger class Imperial knight. Created by Forgeworld, this is an upgrade for the existing Armiger Knight kit that is produced by games workshop.

Created in plastic, the Armiger consists of 4 sprues. The upper torso and weapon attachments are spread across 2 sprues and the legs are on the 3rd. Which leaves the last sprue for weapons.

The Moirax upgrade kit consists of replacement parts for the upper torso, a full weapon exchange and armour for the legs. These are created in the classic Forgeworld grey resin.


Let’s start with the price, at more than three quarters of the price of the standard Armiger box (which contains 2 Armigers). This kit is a bit pricey to take too many.

However, the sculpt of the model is tidy, not much in the cleaning off flash department (lucky me). After giving the resin a bath and a dry (let’s make sure to get all that releasing agent off) and set out all the pieces, I looked at the instructions to build this kit………. Yes, you heard that right, instructions.

Usually it’s quite hard to get instructions to build Forgeworld kits, I have spent many hours in the past trying to figure out what goes where, but not this time.

With everything prepared, this kit took me a little under 45 mins to build.

Once I worked out what plastic bits needed to be replaced with the resin, this build was straight forward and simple.

As you can see, this is a majestic looking kit. Extra armour on the legs, a new hull plate, big guns and a great looking head.


To summarise: A great looking kit, easy and quick to build (after any prep work). Although a bit pricey if you want to take more than a couple.