horus heresy Archmagos Draykavac

These Knights are vital components of the Taghmata that protect Forge and Fane, yet despite their pride, they are but one tool among many and they will bend to the Omnissiah’s will or be broken by it.

— Noted comments of Archmagos Yelav Draykavac upon the rediscovery of House Atrax, ca. 3447.853.M30

Archmagos Draykavac, warlord of the forge world Cyclothrathe during the Horus Heresy.

Created by Forgeworld, this is a multipart resin kit. This is a 2-part kit, the battle-Abeyant mount and Draykavac himself.

After being prepared (cleaning the flash and giving the bits a wash) we start with the abeyant. For the most part this was quick and easy, until we get to a few of the tendrils and chains. These need a bit of extra work as they are cast straight. To get them to bend we need to heat the resin with boiling water until it becomes flexible, bend them into the desired position and cool them down rapidly with ice water to hold into place. This is a bit time consuming and doesn’t always go the way we desire.

Draykavac himself is a simpler build, the base provided fits snugly into the abeyant quite nicely but gives very little space to glue him onto. In his left hand he holds a servo skull with a bit of cable running from the back, again this cable comes cast straight and needs heating and bending, being a bit more fiddly as it is considerably smaller than the bits off the abeyant.

Being a member of the Forgeworld character series, this model has a bit of a price tag. A cool model to have in your collection but may be more of a shelf piece than a game piece.


To Summarise: a nice-looking miniature to add to one’s collection. It will probably see more shelf time than game time, which makes it a pretty expensive model.

Due to some of the more advanced methods needed to build this kit, it needs some research into the build if you are quite new to building miniatures and will take a fair bit of time and patience.

The abeyant is a bit clunky and simplistic in sculpt. Not exactly what I would expect for this price range.