Part 9: Grouping miniatures.

Today we will have a quick look at how miniatures are grouped together on bases for Horus Heresy epicacalypse.

If you look to the right at the data card for legion tactical squads, you can see stat lines for groups of marines, 10, 15 and 20. 

I base groups of 10 marines onto 40mm bases and use the stats for 10 models. if i want to run a squad of 20, i use 2 40mm bases and run the stats for 20 until the unit has taken 2 wounds. I would then revert back to the stat line for 10 models.

Support squads are based on 25mm bases and run as 5 models, using the first stat line. If i want to run a squad of 10 i use 2 25mm bases and use the second stat line until the unit takes a wound. I would then revert back to 1 base and the first stat line.

Tanks dont need to be based but i like the look of the bases. Vehicles are based on rectangular bases to make them visually different, while still blending in with the rest of the army. 

All of my characters are based on 40mm bases and given scenic displays. i should have some painted up soon in a future update. I usually add some other suitable troops to the base as well as a banner to mark out the characters. 

Primarchs are based on 50mm bases to make them really stand out on the battlefield, with suitable display bases.

Coming soon……….Part 10: Painting my first character.