Part 7: Painting an Epic Death Guard Rhino.

The miniature was given a spray prime using Games Workshops Wraith Bone spray.

Areas of the armour were painted with Coat D Arms Russian Green.

The guns, tracks and exhausts were painted with Army Painter Gun Metal.

The view slits were painted with Games Workshop Retributor Gold.

The entire miniature was given a wash with Games Workshops agrax earthshade.

The cream armour was highlighted with Vallejo Ivory.

The Green armour was highlighted with a 50/50 mix f Coat D Arms Russian Green and Vallejo Ivory.

The base was painted with Games Workshop Squig Orange.

I then covered the base with PVA glue and dipped it into Geek Gaming Mars earth.

Once this was fully dry i used a 50/50 mix of PVA and water to seal the basing material.

While the basing was drying I used this opportunity to add some of the Forge World Horus Heresy Death Guard decals to the miniature.

Once the basing material was fully dry I gave it a light drybrush with Ryza rust.

I used Games Workshops contrast Iyanden Yellow to paint the headlights.

To finish the miniature the base rim was painted with Games Workshop Abaddon Black.

Coming soon……….Part 8: Painting 14th legion Landraider Proteus.