Part 6: The Death Guard, 14Th Legion.

“You are my unbroken blades;
You are my Death Guard;
By your hand shall justice be delivered;
And Doom shall stalk a thousand worlds.”

Mortarion, Primarch of the 14th Legion, Death Guard at the moment of reunification with his Legion.

The XIV Legion, Death Guard. The Legion embodies resilience and stubbornness. Originally formed from Terrans and known as The Dusk Raiders, the Legion changed when their Genesire took control. The XIV fought in constant battle, barely stopping to resupply between campaigns. Nor did they take a part in the rebuilding of the cities and worlds they brought to ruin – for that is not the Death Guard way. Instead, they represent a cold, determined force that inexorably advances on their enemy, with only victory in mind.

Despite being a resilient Legion, they took catastrophic losses. Mortarion chose to simply advance to contact the enemy like a Tsunami of ceramite, eschewing other tactics that would inevitably save Legionary lives, but take longer to achieve victory in a campaign. In fact, only the World Eaters and Iron Warriors exceeded the XIV in losses and occasionally the XIV matched them. This is a horrific toll of battle, especially considering that Angron and Perturabo regularly conducted Decimations of their own forces.

Swifty, the XIV adapted tactics of scorched earth, utilising munitions en masse that other Legions chose to use sparingly. Phosphex, Radiation and Chemical weapons were merely another tool to achieve victory with – and to hell with the repercussions. The Terminus Est, Calas Typhon’s battle barge even carried it’s own store of Life Eater Virus for judicial application on particularly tough targets.

So why did i choose to start with the 14Th Legion? 

Its an easy answer really, the Death Guard have always been my favourite legion. I had a pre Heresy Death Guard army long before Forge world had even released the Horus Heresy game. I love the lore, playstyle and colour scheme of the Death Guard.

I’ve began testing some paint schemes for my Epic scale Death Guard

Coming soon……….Part 7: Painting 14th legion Rhino.