Alan Bligh

Alan Bligh was the mastermind who brought the lore of the Horus Heresy to the table top. He was the architect and designer who took the epic battles from the Age of Darkness lore and gave players the tools that were needed to recreate them.

Alan Bligh began his career at Games Workshop when he answered an advert for a part time mail order staff position. Then after a few years moving onto working at the Games Workshop design studio.

Alan Bligh worked his way up to the position of lead writer and games designer for the Forge World team, where he worked on the amazing Horus Heresy table top series. He also wrote many of the Imperial Armour books and Warhammer Forge books. Alan also wrote many books in the Fantasy Flight games range of RPG books with titles in the Dark Heresy and  Black Crusade ranges. Outside of Games Workshop Alan wrote a number of scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu line including the popular Dead Light “Crimson Letters” and novelisations of the Arkham horror series of games.

Alan was known for being a highly intelligent man that would never make others feel inferior with his intelligence, instead would always reassure people of their importance.

Alan had a love for all forms of media especially printed media and was known to consume books. Alan was known to read widly and deeply on all subjects, from the Catholic church to horror movies and even 1950s musicals.

It is also said that Alan drank more cups of tea each day than was thought to be humanly possible.


I was lucky enough to meet Alan at the first Horus Heresy Weekender event, he was very welcoming and happy to chat about the lore and game.

Alan Blighs Forge World books take pride of place within my book collection and are treated like sacred relics. When you read the background section of those books you can tell that Alan really cared about the universe that he had a hand in creating and fleshing out.

Alan Bligh sadly lost his fight with cancer and passed away on 26th May 2017.