Part 7: painting the bar.

In this part of the field of dreams hobby blog i will talk you through how i painted the bar. All of the paints I used were cheap emulsion house paint.



The entire terrain piece was given a coat of black paint. Once that was dry a patchy brown coat was painted over the top.



All of the panels between the wooden beams were given a coat of beige paint.



once the beige was dry the panels were given a thin coat of cream.



The entire building was dry brushed with an off white.

The entire building was given an oil wash roughly 1 part brown, 1 part black and 10 parts white spirit “look for the consistency of milk”.



I mixed up some brown paint, pva and fine sand to crate a mud mix, then painted it onto the area of sideline.

To finish the bar i used a mid green static grass to flock the sidelines of the pitch. I then found some Blood bowl related signs on the internet and printed them off an some heavy paper. The posters where glued on with pva glue.

Coming soon………Part 8: The other stands.