Part 6: Foam core buildings.

To give the blood bowl pitch a grander appearance I will build stands and shops to surround the edges. The first building will be a bar to go n the top right corner.

The building needs to fit nicely within the frame that I’ve already built, so first job was to measure the available space.

This building will fit in the corner with a foot pint of 13cm by 22.5cm.

I also needed  leave a little bit of space for the side of the pitch.

I measured out all sides and labeled them ready to begin the build.

I used pva glue to attach the two pieces of foam core together. Cocktail sticks or tot picks were used secure the pieces and to give extra strength while drying.

One at a time each side was glued and secured to the base.

Once the foam core foundation was dry I used hundreds of coffee stirrers, tongue depressors and lolly pop sticks to create scale wooden beams and doors.

Once all of the wooden details were dry I gave any exposed foam core a coat of sand texture paste ” the same paste I used on the pitch”.

To finish off the bar build i made a giant keg and bar sign.

The completed build.

Coming soon………Part 7: Painting foam core buildings.