Part 4: Dougouts and templates.

To finish off the Blood bowl hanging board I need to add all the relevant gaming templates such as dougouts, turn templates, score templates and ball bounce templates.

To make a bounce template, i found a picture of the blood bowl logo on the internet then imported it to paint 3d. Using paint 3d i added the numbers 1-8 in the correct blood bowl order. This was then printed and laminated.

Next up was a printed picture of the dougouts. this was also laminated.

I then printed 2 copies of the turn and score templates, which were then laminated.

Once they had cooled I glued them to some magnetic paper. I’m going to magnetize all the tokens so they don’t slide about.

I then used double sided tape and some superglue to attach all of the templates to the board.

Coming soon………Part 5: Final thoughts…. Possible expansion.