Part 2: Foundations of a pitch.

Now ive finished the art work and sealed the frame i need to start working on the pitch. I want the pitch to be fully textured but it still needs to be thin enough to fit within the frame and against a wall.

To give some structure and rigidity to the frame i glued in a sheet of 5mm foam board.

Once the glue was dry i marked out where the pitch and blood bowl template would be glued down.

Im using 5mm xpf foam to create the pitch.

Using a ruler and straight edge i marked out then engraved the pitch with a 30mm grid. 

To give the foam a little bit of texture i coated the whole pitch in Winsor and Newton sand texture gel.

The pitch was then given a heavy coat of my own mod podge mix, which is a 4-1-1 mix of PVA, black paint and clear gloss varnish.

Once dry this will give the foam pitch a tough hard shell.

Coming soon………Part 3: Finishing the pitch.