Part 12: Bob and Jim

Greetings sports fans!!!    Today we take a quick look at the larger than life commentators in the world of Blood Bowl, Bob and Jim.

Bob Bifford, also known as “The Biff”, was a legendary Blood Bowl player and now current commentator with Network 7’s Blood Bowl Coverage team, partnering with Jim Johnson. As a player, Bifford played for any team that would and could hire him. As a commentator, he known the world over as a Blood Bowl pundit and media star.

Blood Bowl Player (2438 – 2471)

Bob Bifford debuted for the Creeveland Crescents in 2438 as an Ogre starter. Winning the Bloodweiser Best Newcomer’s Medal the very same year, Bifford decided to become a freebooter. However, business was slow to pick up as no one wanted to hire an expensive free agent with only one season played. In 2439, the Hochland Lumberjacks hired Bifford who single-handedly launched the Lumberjacks from last place to fourth in their league. After this, offers began to arrive quickly.

As a free agent, Bifford had played for nearly every race and flattened most of the bigger opponents who challenged him. He also won the Blood Bowl Winners Medal in 2477, before the Blood Bowl Championship was organized in 2461. By 2471, however, Bifford decided to retire from the sport as a player, finding himself wanting more from the sport than just participating as a player.

Blood Bowl Commentator (2471 – present)

Bifford joined Jim Johnson on Network 7 to co-host the Orcidas Team of the Year league on Cabalvison. Both Bifford and Johnson found immediate success and continue to commentate on all major games and championships of Blood Bowl.

Very little is known about Jim Johnson, the vampire blood bowl commentator. 

Some people say that Jim was a bookkeeper who kept track of all the casualties in the game and that his early years were spent tracking the legacy of Bob in fact, which is how they met.

Some say he is a 400 year old dark lord bidding his time until he makes his move to take control of the leagues.

Will we ever know?

The miniatures im using for Bob and Jim were stl files from Ugni miniatures. 

The files printed perfectly “as all of Ungni’s have so far”. 

Coming soon…….. Behind the scenes.