Part 11: Cabal Vision

Two innovations that would change the Blood Bowl world were the Camera and Cabal Vision. Both of them were monetized with incredible enthusiasm.  

This came about when Hellhound ( the head of the blood bowl leagues) realised that he could sell far more tickets for games than he could ever hope to pack spectators into any stadium. And so he contacted the various Colleges of Magic, asking them to find a way to transmit an image of the game all over the continent. The result was a spirit bound into a magic box.

To this day, the technology remains unchanged; the bound spirit is allowed to look out of their box in one direction only, through a glass porthole, and what the spirit sees can be transmitted by teams of magicians to magic mirrors and crystal balls
the world over. This quickly became known as ‘broadcast Cabalvision’. Anyone could buy a licence to have
games, and other shows, broadcast into a magic mirror or crystal ball in their own home. The idea was a huge success. 


The camera crews were stl files from Ugni and Kraken studios. 

The uniforms were painted in the Cabal vision colours ( black and dirty beige).

Once the miniatures were dry they were glued into the Cabal balcony’s.

Coming soon…….. Bob and Jim