Part 1: The plan.

hello sports fans!

Welcome to the Field of dreams hobby. So what do i want to achieve in this hobby blog?I want to create some smaller skirmish size boards that can be stored on the wall while looking great. They need to be light enough to hang but also be detailed enough and fun to play on.

On one of my many trips to IKEA “my other half loves the hot dogs” i stumbled across these giant picture frames In the Ribba range. The frames are 3×2 feet which is perfect for most skirmish games. They aren’t the sturdiest of frames, so they need some work but are perfect for what i want to do.

The ribba frame 61×91 cm retails for £25.

First step was to create some art work to go in the frame that would look great on the wall, as well as be easily identifiable as the Blood bowl pitch when we need to take it off the wall.

So I broke out the trusty sharpies and began sketching out the Blood Bowl and NAF logo.

Coming soon………Part 2: Making a pitch.