Fell Cargo

Why You Should Read…… Fell Cargo

Fell Cargo is an engaging tale of swashbuckling on the high seas with a little magic and a few supernatural encounters written by the very talented author Dan Abnett.

Brief Overview

Fell Cargo tells the story of Luka Silvaro, a pirate captain turned privateer in the quest for a rogue ship nicknamed “The Butcher Ship” for its willingness to attack any ship or port town it encounters.

Along the way Luka Silvaro is helped and hindered by other pirates, provincial governors and Luka’s own crew.

Why I Like It

Fell Cargo is an enjoyable short novella that you can read in a couple of hours, which for me is brilliant as it takes me twice as long to read as others due to my dyslexia. I must be honest and say I would always be biased in favour of this book as im a massive fan of pirates and zombies, and this book mashes both worlds together.

Dan Abnett is a very talented writer, and he keeps the story moving along at steady pace. He clearly knows a great deal about sailing vessels, and while he does throw in a good many nautical terms, he does so smoothly and without interrupting the flow of the story. 

The book is only 250 pages long so i dont want to spoil anything but i will give a few details on one of my favourite scenes. The crew discovers the ship of another notorious pirate Reyno Bloodlock, lying in a harbor seemingly deserted. A small party goes to investigate and discovers what’s left of Reyno’s crew. As the small band attempts to return to their ship they find themselves pursued and under attack from a horrific daemon. Only the intervention of Tende, a member of the crew familiar with the dark arts, has any chance of saving them……….. but you will have to read Fell Cargo to find out if he does.


Fell Cargo is a fun, solid swash buckling story that could easily be enjoyed by all, not just those that are familiar with Games Workshop’s Warhammer lore.

If you enjoyed The Pirates of The Caribbean you will probably enjoy this book.