elegoo water washable resin

I’ve been using 3D printers for just over a year now, so I still class myself as a beginner and my words or opinions are not the be all and end all.

Not long ago i was searching a well known shopping site “the rain forest one” looking for some more resin for my 3D printers, when something caught my eye.

ELEGOO have developed a resin that you can clean in warm water. 

Great , i thought, this would save me so much time messing about with multiple alcohol and water baths.

Then I saw the price! the ELEGOO water resin is just over double the cost of the usual ELEGOO ABS like resin I usually buy.

I bit the bullet and purchased some anyway, who knows it may increase the productivity of the clean up stage.

Off the bat, the ELEGOO water resin didn’t have a strong odour like other resins, which was a nice surprise.

I poured some of the resin into the vat and started a print. Now all I could do was wait!

Once the print was complete I started the clean-up stage. ELEGOO water washable 3D printer rapid resin is different to other resin in that you don’t use IPA to clean it after 3D printing. Instead you simply wash the print in warm water!

The print cleaned up quick and easy, just as advertised. I then set it aside to cure.

The ELEGOO water resin gave me a nice clean and highly detailed print but the miniature felt incredibly brittle. 

Over the next few days I printed 6 plates worth of miniatures and parts. Again once cured the miniatures felt very brittle and i had a few breakages.

The ELEGOO water resin is still toxic, you cannot touch it, you still must wear gloves, and make sure wherever you print has good ventilation. Even the dirty water cannot be dumped down the drain: it still contains dissolved resin, and you must let the water sit in the sun to solidify the residual resin before you sift out these solids and dump the water.

Will I buy ELEGOO water resin again? Probably not. What I thought would be a time saver turned out to be a resin that is just as toxic and takes just as long to clean up. All wrapped up in a hefty price tag.