Part 3: Brutefun Black Orc Team.

For this project I decided to go with a 3d printed team. Why 3d stl files over the Games Workshop plastic team you say? To be honest I was sent the STL files of this team for a commission and after printing the team for a client I was so impressed with the miniatures I printed a team for myself. I go into more detail about this stl team in the review section of the website. Also if you play Blood Bowl go check out Brutefun on my mini factory or patreon “im now a very happy member of the Patreon”.

BruteFun Minatures @BruteFun Miniatures – MyMiniFactory

The Stl files printed out perfectly using standard settings and standard grey resin on an Elegoo mars 2.

I decided to print the Goblins and Troll at 100% but i dropped the Black Orcs down to 90% as they were the size of the Blood Bowl plastic ogre when printed at 100%. 

All the Black Orcs and Goblins fit nicely on 32mm bases but I’ve decided to put any big guys on 40mm bases. 

I also found a site online that creates name plate stl files for all the Blood Bowl teams. so I promptly printed some off. “they can be found here” All the 3D models of Wargname・Cults (

Coming soon………Part 4: Black Orc and Goblin players on the pitch..