Part 3:  “We’re just clones, sir. We’re meant to be expendable.”

So today I’m sitting down to build the Phase 1 Clone Troopers from the Star Wars Legion Clone Wars starter set. The starter set contains 14 individually packaged soft plastic Clone Troopers with enough parts to make 2 Clone Trooper Captains, 2 DC-15 Phase Troopers “long rifle”, 2 Z-6 Phase Troopers “chain gun” and 8 basic Clone Troopers.

The Clone Troopers are cast in the same soft plastic as the miniatures in the original Star Wars Legion starter set. The detail is nice but not as crisp as the hard plastic Droid sprues.

The Clone Troopers were so fast and easy to build, I think I built all 14 in the time it took to build a couple of Droids.

Even though the Clones are made of a material called sort plastic, I would advise using super glue and not plastic glue to make these miniatures.

I decided to glue the Clone Troopers onto 32mm bases instead of the 27mm bases supplied, just to give the feet a little more room as some of the stances are a bit wide.

Coming soon………….Part 4: History and colour schemes of the B1 Battle Droids.