Part 20: The Clone Wars

I started off by saying I’m not a massive fan of Star Wars, yeah yeah, I know “best trilogy ever!”  “Cough, The Lord of The Rings is the best film trilogy, cough”.  The Star Wars films are good “excluding the new trilogy, which is awful in my opinion” but I am a massive fan of the star wars legion miniatures.

I can now say that i am a bit more of a Star Wars fan “Lord of the rings is still the better trilogy” but i really do have more respect for the Star Wars universe than i did at the start. Through this project I’ve slowly watched the other side films and the entire clone wars animated series.



The Star wars Legion miniatures are great and have only got better as more kits have been released and were a real pleasure to paint.

Coming soon………To a galaxy far far away………more Star Wars Legion hobby blogs.