Part 2 : “Roger, Roger”

So today im sitting down to build the B1 Battle Droids from the Star Wars Legion Clone Wars starter set. The starter set contains 18 B1 Battle Droids split over 8 plastic sprues, 4 containing enough parts to make 8 basic Battle Droids, 2 with enough parts to make 4 specialist Droids consisting of 2 E-5C “smg laser” and 2 E-60R ” rpg”. The final 2 sprues contain enough parts to make 4 more basic B1 Droids and 2 Leader Droids. 

The sprues have a nice lay out, with the parts for each Droid close together, each Droid is allocated its own letter with corresponding numbers preventing parts being mixed up. 

Lets build a basic B1 Battle Droid. This Droid comes in 8 parts- 2 legs, 1 torso, 2 arms, 1 back pack and 2 parts for the head.

I started by gluing the 2 parts of the head together, then set it aside to dry a little. I glued both legs onto the torso, then glued the feet to the base and added the back pack. After a few minutes i glued on the arms and head. Now i just had to repeat this process 11 more times.

Now we can build the 4 specialist Droids and 2 Leader Droids.

As with the other sprues the parts are laid out in a clear and precise manner.

The B1 Battle Droids are a lovely, highly detailed kit that glue together nicely, though a little fiddly. 

Coming soon………….Part 3: Building the Phase 1 Clones