Part 18: Painting Barricades.

Today is going to be a short one, we are painting some Star Wars Legion Barricades using a simple but striking colour scheme. 

I primed the barricades using a cheap white car primer.

Once the primer was completely dry I used Games Workshops Apothicary White contrast paint to paint around all the raised areas of the barricade.

On the reverse of the barricade are some small buttons, I used Games Workshops Blood Angels Red contrast paint to pick these out.

Some of the barricades also have a little screen, I used Games Workshops Tesseract Glow to paint this screen.

To break up the white a little I picked out some of the panels using Games Workshops Gryph Hound Orange contrast paint.

Using a small piece of sponge and Games Workshops Lead Belcher paint I dabbed on some paint to simulate damage.

To finish up I gave the lower part of the barricades a heavy dry brush using Games Workshops Dry Ryza Rust.

That’s it, a very easy but striking paint scheme.

Coming soon………….Part 19: Painting the game widgets.