Part 11: “Hang on, this might get a little bumpy.”

Today we are going to learn a little bit about Barc Speeders , then build one from the Clone Wars starter set.

What is a Barc Speeder?

The Biker Advanced Recon Commando (BARC) speeder was a speeder bike manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company. It was designed for use by the Galactic Republic’s Grand Army during the Clone Wars. The speeder gave the ordinary clone trooper fighting on foot increased speed, mobility and firepower. Used primarily as a scouting and escort vehicle, it was readily adaptable for various environments and missions. With the addition of optional support struts, a sidecar or stretcher could be attached to its side. The BARC speeder was also available for use by civilian police, specifically the Coruscant Security Force, to patrol the Republic capital planet of Coruscant.

The miniatures.

The Clone Troopers Barc Speeder is a mix of hard plastic and soft plastic.

The Barc Speeder is made from the new hard plastic and comes in pre cut pieces in a zip bag. The Barc Speeder riders are made of the same soft plastic as the rest of the Clone Troopers


The Barc Speeder and riders were very straight forward to build. Just dry fit the bike before gluing it together to get a feel for the parts. 

The kit comes with a couple of weapon options for the passenger, so I decided to add a couple of magnets for gaming options.

I’ve decided to leave the Clone Troopers separate from the Barc Speeder for ease of painting.

Coming soon………….Part 12: Painting the Clone Troopers Barc Speeder