Part 1: Intro

Let me start off by saying I’m not a massive fan of Star Wars, yeah yeah, I know “best trilogy ever!”  “Cough, The Lord of The Rings is the best film trilogy, cough”.  The Star Wars films are good “excluding the new trilogy, which is awful in my opinion” but I am a massive fan of the star wars legion miniatures. I’ve been looking at them for a couple of years now and I’ve finally given in and picked up the star wars legion clone wars starter box.

What’s in the box

In this two player starter set, the Galactic Republic squares off against the Separatist Alliance.

The starter set contains 39 unassembled, unpainted miniatures.

A soft cover rulebook.

15 dice

 game markers.

All the necessary cards for the miniatures in the box.

2 plastic measuring sticks and a plastic range marker.

Everything you need to play star wars legion


 For the Republic, the core set includes two squadrons of Phase I Clone Troopers, a fast-moving BARC speeder (with optional sidecar), and Obi-Wan Kenobi se. For the Separatists, two units of B1 Battle Droids, two spinning Droidekas (in both wheel and active mode), and General Grievous.

Along with these core units, each player can upgrade their troops with cards that include some tactics and gear, as well as extra miniatures. This is, perhaps, one of the most interesting aspects of the game. Each army is built using a classic point system. A core unit of Clone Troopers will consist of four miniatures. But for more points, you can add another base unit, or even another model with heavy weaponry. This creates a level of customization that you can actively see reflected on the board.

Inside the box you will also find 8 plastic barricades.

The rule book

The starter set contains a soft cover rulebook which contains all the rules you need to play, as well as a construction and painting guide. The rules are laid out in a clear and very legible format, with many picture guides demonstrating the rules.

Gaming content

You get a sheet of heavy card game markers, which are nice and thick and brightly printed.

15 dice – 6 sided dice for defence and 8 sided for attack.

2 plastic measuring sticks that clip together nicely and can bend, which makes measuring around terrain much easier.

A plastic range marker, which slots together fr the longer ranges. This also comes apart for easy storage.

The box includes all the game cards necessary for the units in the box, including unit cards, upgrades, tactics and equipment cards.


 Coming soon………….Part 2: Building the Droids