Broadside 2014

Here we are again at another Broadside event. Ah, the humidity as you walk in, (Due to the event being hosted in a Leisure Centre) I didn’t miss that.

Once past the sauna-like entrance corridors and down the hallway the air mercifully cleared. The bustling sounds of wargaming nerds beckoned me into the main hall.

There were plenty of stalls, a few more than last year it appeared. There were once again plenty of demo and club tables, all of which were to an excellent standard.

It was nice to see a Mantic stand and demo table at Broadside.

One thing that I did find strange was one of the venders was selling recast Forge World miniatures. My only complaint would be that a more thorough vetting process is required for the show to ensure goods of an appropriate quality and nature are sold in future.

Overall, another successful Broadside show.

Well done Milton Hundred Wargames Club!