aliens: another glorious day in the corps


Where to begin?

Let’s start with the box. First, it’s a nice 266mm x 266mm x 78mm which makes it nice and compact for storage when not in use. The box art is of a good quality, well in keeping with the lore and themes of the Alien universe. Human blood, a discarded pulse rifle and grenades! Oh, and the obligatory yellow chevrons! Marvellous! Brings back memories of late-night viewings of Aliens.

Opening the box, I am pleased to see a document labelled “rulebook”, again with the same artwork as featured on the box. Jolly good stuff! Let’s crack her open and get a look at the good stuff! Firstly, we see a game overview that not only lists what components you have, but their names, appearance, and quantity. Outstanding! The rules themselves are clearly written in a logical and sequential manner, with photographs to illustrate. This allows a quick and easy set up, so we can jump straight into the action. The stills from the movie are another cool touch to this full colour rules manual.

The mission cards are next. Again, we have logically laid out text and full colour stills from appropriate parts of the movie.

Next, we have black and white miniature assembly guides for both the Aliens and the Marines. These guides seem comprehensive and easy to follow.

The set also comes with full colour (sense the recurring theme yet!) card tokens, complete with colourful quotes from our favourite squaddies!

Next up is the miniatures. The marines come in green plastic whilst the Xenomorphs come in black. The minis themselves are in hard plastic and have a good level of detail, though they are not perfect. The bases themselves are all textured so as to appear as the grated metal floor of Hadley’s Hope, A nice little detail.


Sarge, how do I get out of this chickenshit outfit?

Not a great deal to say here, which is good. First, the face of one of the minis could have had a little more detail. But that’s just a nit-pick for the sake of something to bitch about.

Lastly, I feel that the mission cards could have been on slightly thicker card, but now I’m just being a pedantic twat.