Part 3: Battle of Pelennor Fields

Towards the end of 2019 Games Workshop with Forge World released the new version of the Lord of the Rings game, now named “Middle Earth strategy battle game”. With a new edition comes a new starter set, and this one is amazing for people wanting to get into Middle Earth.

I’ve received a copy of the new box to work on as a commission and this has become the perfect excuse for me to create some new warbands of various sizes for myself to play the new rule set.

Inside the box you will find:

Inside you will find a total of 84 Citadel Miniatures. The miniatures are nice with plenty of detail which is amazing considering some of the sprues in this box are nearly 20 years old. These miniatures show how talented the Perry twins are. There are plenty of spares on the character and troll sprues ” great for kit bashers”.

The box has the beginnings of 3 warbands ” if you separate the good side into Rohan and Army of the dead”. I’m going to tackle the commission forces first while i try to decide what warband i want to do for personal use. I want my warbands to be distinctive and have as many conversions in as possible. I will be looking at some of the more obscure and rare warbands within Tolkien’s literature. 

Coming soon……..Part 4: Mordor