Part 7: The crest rail.

The term crest rail is thrown around much, so you may ask what is a crest rail? Well a crest rail is the top rail of a chair back especially when distinctively carved or shaped. 

The crest rail began life as a piece of 3×4 soft wood.

Using a bog standard wood saw i cut out some rough angles from the wood, then spent a few hours with some glass paper sanding a smoother curved shape.

I wanted a design on both sides , a Dremel was used to carve in the designs.

One side has the House stark sigil, the other has the classic tag line “winter is coming”.

I drilled 4 holes using a no5 wood bit, 2 in the bottom of the crest rail and 2 in the top of the back rest and used wooden dowels and strong wood glue to join them together.

I then added a strip of decorative rail between the crest rail and back rest and tacked them in place with some small pins, increasing the strength while the glue dried.

A few pictures of the complete crest rail.

Coming soon………part 8: wolf head back posts.