Part 3: Secret Mission? Creating Ideas.

I wanted to apologise for the frequency I am uploading my blogs. The generals had seen fit to send me on a secret mission and I have been unable to keep to a regular timescale, I’m back now so that will change and you will see more regular posts.



So, the war has ended and now the rebuilding begins. Years of integration of the southern states, the now free people and the destruction of war.

If you are interested in the political standings of these times then there’s plenty of information on the internet, for me, it’s about some big names and recreating some of those skirmishes and having a bit of fun.

From 1860-1890 there was a lot of fighting with the natives of America. Yup, Indians. Although there wasn’t any real pitched battles on a large scale, there’s still enough to look into.

Let’s start with Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, Commanding officer of the 7th Cavalry regiment of the United States army (1867-1876). Whenever anyone hears the name Custer they automatically think “Custer’s Last Stand” at the battle of Little Bighorn. Yup, if you get a bit tired of playing Gettysburg or The First Battle of Bull Run then may I suggest maybe re-enacting some of the Indian wars skirmishes. I may even add some to the tail end of this blog series, we shall see.

There are some other ideas that could be introduced. Ever hijacked a train full of Union soldiers? Maybe even destroy the train before it gets to it’s destination.  Well now is your chance to come up with ideas as we start to paint our miniatures and some scenery to set the mood and make history… the future? Now? Well, whatever it is, as long as you have fun and remember to take historic battles lightly.