Part 1: An Intro

This is my journey building, painting and playing Warlord Games, Epic Battles: American Civil War.

To start, I first got interested in this era of warfare through my uncle. He collected ACW figures for almost 30 years, yes there is a lot of little bags with metal soldiers floating about.

I’ve played some older systems evolved around this era of warfare, but a lot of them can be very complex and take you a day (two in some cases) to play a battle.

After seeing Warlord had just released this box-set and have more stuff being released soon (I may have a couple bits to come when they are, hehe), I jumped at the chance and got the starter box and the dedicated paint-set (why not keep it all together).

Well, enough about me and my spending habits, let’s crack on to the good stuff.

Step 1: I inspected the sprues and noticed that if I clipped off certain bits, I could then paint all of them before assembly, without having to touch up the bits I would later have to clip.

Yes, this has given me a lot of joy and excitement.

That’s it for step one, it’s taking some time as there’s a lot to snip off, but I think it will be worth it when I start painting.

Step 2: this is an easy step. Spray all of the sprues black. Now this would be a lot easier if the weather decided to stay dry. But it isn’t and I don’t have the luxury of a spray area. So I guess I’ll have to wait. Hopefully I can get some sprayed when there’s a dry spell.

In my next blog I will detail the painting process and get some paint on the nice new plastic toy soldiers I have.

Until next time, Take Care